Watch your fillings to better manage plaque

If you have dental fillings, it is important to watch over them to detect any signs of wear and deterioration, as part of their daily routine oral health. Over time, the edges of dental fillings can become rough and the filling material can weaken and begin to decompose. The dental fillings roughened or weakened make plaque removal more difficult, since this tends to accumulate in these locations.

Develop a tooth decay, which has advanced beyond the process of erosion of tooth enamel and that has created cracks in the teeth, your dentist will surely recommend a dental fillings. When is a shutter tooth, your dentist removes decayed tooth material and replaces it with another material, with the aim of restoring the tooth shape. The dental fillings can be tooth colored resin or a combination of materials (amalgams), which may include mercury. Although some people worry that the mercury could be dangerous, medical studies have shown that amalgam fillings are safe for most people. If you have any kind of trouble, ask your dentist what several choices in terms of dental fillings.

If your tooth decay is severe, your dentist will surely to the placement of a Crown, in place of the shutter, to repair the damage. A Crown is bigger than a filling and covers the top of the tooth after removal of carious zone. In General, the crowns are made from porcelain, gold or a combination of porcelain and metal.

Regardless of the type of dental fillings or crowns that follow a complete oral care routine, including brushing (twice a day) and the use of dental floss (once a day), in order to remove plaque and prevent future cavities.

There are a number of products designed to help you clean around the restorations, such as dental fillings and crowns. Your dental fillings and crowns will not need to be replaced, unless they show signs of wear or become loose or if they have any defects.

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