Teeth Whitening Secrets

Why should make a tooth whitening?
Now the aesthetic has a very important role in the life of any person. Thus, the laser tooth whitening that falls into the aesthetic, takes on greater relevance to all people who give emphasis to your image.

Whiten your teeth is above all an act of aesthetic care, but which can have extremely positive effects in terms of self-confidence. Remember, your image is your calling card, either with her family and friends, whether in employment, at a party, or in any event of your life.

Therefore, whiten teeth, although it is an absolutely personal decision, must be weighed against the framework that we have or intend to have in accordance with social.

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But how does the dental bleaching?
Dental bleaching is a process of elimination of stains and discolouration from teeth controlled in such a way as to make them whiter.

In simple terms, it is the application of a special gel * (more details at the end of the article) to penetrate inside the teeth and making them whiter. Simple right?

Dental bleaching at the dentist: your dentist puts in their teeth whitening gel, protects your gums and lips and then applies a beam of light (often referred to as laser) to speed up the bleaching process. Their eyes will be protected by special glasses and the incidence of light only focuses on teeth.

In reality there is no laser used, but nonetheless agreed that these interventions are a laser tooth whitening a lot because it applies a light (usually blue) and that gives the impression of being a laser. Don't worry, it's a harmless beam that just serves to activate the gel.

About 1:0 later, will be finished the treatment. Your dentist will remove the retractor of the lips and other protections and will wash their teeth. Voila finished!

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Before tooth whitening tooth clean!
Before making a bleaching consider consult dental dental hygienist for a simple reason-some stains and Tartar disappear if simply do what is known commonly as a "teeth cleaning". Of course, the end result is not comparable in any way to a bleaching, but consider that it is only a preliminary step to a tooth whitening.

And once we speak of these two ways to get whiter teeth, we would like to point out straight away that these are two totally different interventions. Cleaning is essentially outside of the teeth, eliminating surface stains and Tartar.

Already the bleaching focuses within the tooth effectively eliminating blemishes and giving the teeth a lighter color that through a simple cleaning is impossible. Soon, a cleaning never replaces a dental whitening! Moreover, the results of a simple cleanup in some cases are null! Just what their dentition is of perfect health, without Tartar and stains (coffee and tobacco for example).

Most dentists before the laser tooth whitening has the caution to assess whether there is a need to make a clean sweep. After all it wouldn't make sense to whiten teeth with Tartar or stains that bleaching it would eliminate. So, check first, before considering whiten your teeth to do a cleaning the teeth.

But I can only whiten your teeth in a clinic Dentistry?
No! Nowadays you have several options to make a tooth whitening and ordering the most expensive to the cheapest Dental Clinics/dentists: Kits bought in clinics Kits purchased at specialty sites as to the effectiveness, honestly think that they're all very close. But see, whiten teeth at the dentist or at home (with products purchased at the dentist!) has virtually the same efficiency (this depends only on how you apply the gel at home): the product is virtually the same at home applies the gel in a tray, at the dentist the gel is applied directly to the tooth at the dentist applies a "laser" to speed up the processat home, without the "laser", you only need to repeat the application of whitening gel to get virtually the same results and tooth whitening kits?

First alert: Beware of kits that purchase and the places where the purchase. It is one thing to buy a dental whitening kit at the dentist, another is to buy on sites that tell about dental bleaching and much less of the Constitution of the products they sell.

On our site you will find some products that we recommend, just talk of products that are safe and actually work. Cheap products too can hide unknown dangers and damage their teeth irreversibly, so choose so informed and never basing on price, always consider the quality of the kit! The cheap on these things can get expensive, very expensive, involving sometimes irreversible damage on teeth.

Something must internalize: a whitening employed as a general rule it is not dangerous! Only becomes complicated if you choose the wrong product or wrong place to purchase your kit.

When buying a tooth whitening kit ask yourself: am I buy on a reliable site to people that even know how this works?
This site gives me all the answers I need to make the decision to buy my kit?
The chemical Constitution of the kit is safe *?
Ok and the results after all are worth?
If they are worth! It is no coincidence that artists, actors and even lighten the political teeth, after all claim to be more attractive to have an image more carefully. Why do you think that it is said that a smile is worth a thousand words? And if it is a beautiful and healthy smile even better!

The results that you may obtain, sorry for the honesty, but are not the same for all people. Vary according to the product/kit used in the bleaching of the teeth, also vary depending on the application and in accordance with the Constitution of the teeth (and its state of preservation) of each person. Most people now have much whiter teeth, but there are other who just get satisfactory results.

It hurts to whiten your teeth? And have side effects?
Some people do not experience any pain or sensitivity after bleaching. However most will indeed feel some sensitivity during or after treatment. This is described often by small sporadic pain. Don't worry, of course, also will spend about 48 hours after the treatment. To relieve sensitivity can take simple analgesics, for example those used for headaches (aspirin, paracetamol, trifene ...). It is also advised that during these 48 hours do not ingest food too hot or cold.

There is no general rule any side effects. Unless your kit is of poor quality, or if you branquemento employed at the dentist and it has committed any error in application of light beam, or the protection of the gums and lips (something rare). Rest, are extremely punctual cases of side effects.

Finally we would like to invite you to browse through our site and clarify all the issues you may have regarding this issue.

We hope to be useful to you if you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us. * Note: the whitening gel is formed normally by hydrogen peroxide or other peroxide derivatives in concentrations (from 10% to 30% or even more) that are perfectly safe and tested so that the teeth do not suffer damage. The higher the concentration, the better the results, but be careful, too high peroxide concentration can damage your teeth, gums and lips!

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